Boom2:Volume Boost & Equalizer App Reviews

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Boom <3

just perfect ;)

Pure Garbage

Pure garbage software. It will mess your audio system, no need to try.

Useful but buggy

Lots of bugs using external devices (bluetooth, usb or regular headphone). Needs a lot a improvement.

Great software!

That program is great, especially on MacBooks, where the sound is not loud enough on some movies …

Potentially great but audio distortion issue is never resolved

A system-wide EQ is generally nice to have, but when you start using higher-end headphones, it becomes almost essential. For Mac, there’s not a great selection for some reason, and Boom 2 is frequently mentioned as the closest solution. In a number of ways, it tries to do this quite admirably. The UI is mostly quite nice to use, although there are slightly too many unnecessary interactions and popups. Otherwise, it’s a straightforward interface that should (in theory) allow you to configure it once and completely forget about it. The EQ almost does a great job. It balances the spectrum very nicely and is easy to reconfigure. The presets are also surprisingly decent at times. The one problem though, and it’s a BIG one, is that Boom 2 really distorts the audio on pretty much anything with a wider dynamic range. Sub bass in the mix? It’s going to buzz constantly, no matter what you do. While the EQ aspect of the application is good, the volume boosting functionality keeps audio so close to the reds that it takes very little to push it over the edge, and that’s really not good. There have been a lot of complaints about it online and the developer claims to have resolved it, but it really hasn’t gotten any better. Which is a real pity, because it’s holding back something otherwise very decent.


This app brough my headphones to a totally new level. A must-have!

Insane GOOD!

You will notice a huge diffence on the audio coming out from your stock speakers! its insane good! =D

Awesome Now That Lag Issue Was Fixed !

On Point! I Stand Behind This Product.

Boom 2

This app is awsome now i can hear my Mac like never before.Support is great they don’t wast any time getting back to you when you need help.

this app takes over your mac

this app is awful, yes it does wonders to the sound, but it takes over your mac, will switch audio out devices on its own when you turn programs on and off, terrible. Having to go into preferences just to have volume if you dont want to use Boom, and tapping a number of times on another audio device just to switch. Ridiculous. I’m not the only one with this problem, I have friends that have had the same issues!

Malfunctions most of the time

This app malfunctions more with every update. Before the last update it would skip backwards and make the audio go out of sync. Now with the latest update it just suddenly turns into horribly garbled distortion. Restarts of the app and reboots of the computer do noting. I’m done with it. It’s a total peice of crap and not worth it free or paid IMO.

Excellent; One Annoying Flaw

The app is brilliant but... If you go through the trial however and then purchase the app (which I did) they have yet to fix a very simple problem…that once you install the purchased app, the trial version still runs and this is the system default. You can’t play any music/sound at all without quitting the trial version and they make you go through a lengthy fix…this is poor software development. They may be good with sound management, but are poor on final product execution. Otherwise this is an excellent app. Especially if you have good speakers installed (I do.) I would give it 5 stars, but they need to ensure a smoother transition from trial to purchase.


This app performs better than I expected. I have tried other apps only to be dissappointed. Verry pleased that I have finally found the perfect sound enhancer for my Mac.

Buggy, Buggy, Buggy!

Yes, it improves audio a great deal. However, everyday lately it causes audio to become completely messed up when watching video, especially youtube.

Update Required

Do not purchase this if you have the new macbook. The new remote feature update somehow messed up my wifi on my mac. I was on apple support for an hour and performed a complete wipe and reinstall of OS X only to find that as soon as I installed this app everything went haywire. It utterly destroys my throughput and I have my wireless diagnostic data to prove it. As soon as I removed this app my throughput returned and I was surfing the web and watching plex in no time. -edit as of the newest update on 07/02/2015 this issue does not exist on my computer however it did take several months to fix.

Latest Boom2 update

Excellent program. Works like it should. I have a iMac mid2011 3.4GHz i7 with 16GB of memory. I don’t use the remote feature. Works with VLC, iTunes and whatever else I have. No problems whatsoever! Love the program. ~Verne~

Works Perfectly! And on my MBP 2011 model.

Excellent product that really makes a difference to the volume and quality of the sound on your Mac. Highy recommended. I have it set to start at logon and use it all the time. Go for it.

Ok, I figured it out, Not Bad !!

Great , It took me a bit to figure it out but when you do it will blow your mind away with the sound!!

Had to buy it

After giving a trial, I had to buy it. I like the interface, reall polished, even though, the usability of it is much better. I had a couple of issues with my SIP phone, after input was rerouted to Boom, but nothing I couldn’t fix. I listen mostly heavy bass music, and I literally rediscovered the mixes I listen. It’s really convenient to have the EQ cross-program, because it gives the same render whether it’s iTunes, Soundcloud, or VLC. Great investment for musicheads and alike

Big Difference

Love the new sound and the range of options.

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