Boom2:Volume Boost & Equalizer Відгуки

Wow what a difference THANK YOU

I noticed a immediate difference and the sound pumps through my old sony home system. Thank You

Not what I expected

I was under the impression this would boost all sounds….turns out you have to move music to the app….ridiculous…can i get my $$ back????


If I could give it a zero. Unfortunately, there is no trial option from the store. Bought it, after 10 minutes deleted it. The Spacial feature is not reverb. Looking for a reverb effect. Also looking for delay effects. They do not exist here. The new iMac has awesome sound. Found the equalizer to make default output worse. Wasted $14.99 and you cannot remove it from the store. Better to output thru headphone jack to high output effects amp.

BOOM to the Rescue

My (old) MacPro had a set of (even older) speakers that generally produced (surprising) quality and depth. But the woofer was starting to buzz regularly. So, I switched them out for some 200W Logitech speakers. I was expecting a lot from them, but they sounded a bit flat. Certainly should have been better than my previous speakers, but it just wasn’t enough somehow (were the reviews lying?!). I experimented with various devices, replaced cables, tried a DAC, etc. No big change. I was considering returning the speakers. Finally I found Boom2 and it makes a PROFOUND difference. Completely unleashes what I was expecting from my speakers. Totally worth it. But now I’m wondering if there's some kind of Logitech-Boom2 conspiriacy to make me purchase them both!

The best there is

I spend a great deal of time working with my headphones on, and it always bugged me that many of my favorite albums sounded far worse from my Macbook than they did from other devices, even with a solid pair of headphones. Yes - digital audio is highly compressed, much more so for streaming audio. But still - everything was far too flat and lacked depth. Boom completely changed that. I’m generally skeptical of EQ programs, but this is an absolute must-have if you want quality audio. The upgrade to Boom 2 was also very much worth it - again, I didn’t anticipate that much of an improvement over the initial app, but the wider array of presets + the greater manual customization are excellent. I can’t imagine having to go back to listening to my music on my Macbook without Boom.

Well worth it!

This app makes listening to music much better. Plus lots of presets to choose from for whatever your taste is. Highly recommend!

Audiophiles Rejoice

My first review for any OSX app. Boom is a MUST-have if you are listening to music on your computer. Nothing else comes close.

Necessary for lots of YouTube videos

Boom 2 is an awesome app for your macbook because it makes your computer's sound louder. The sound limit macbooks have is too low for lots of Youtube videos and Netflix shows and oftentimes I had trouble hearing them. Boom 2 increases that limit so you can more comfortably watch media on your computer. Highly recommend!

Disapointment, lack funtionality

Really? this is the best audio app for MAC I am looking for something like WinAmp, And missed it a lot, where I have equalizer that I can control by my self like I want, Play music that doesn’t stop when change to another option window, With a lot of functionalities like cross fading between songs, graphic sectrum analyser, any kind of music file and video… It was free For Apple Store.. you have to implement an option to try the full version of any app for a limited time because there is a lot of trash apps Plain as this…. I use one time and…. I WANT MY MONEY BACK It has an unistaller but it isn’t in apple store and it is not Apple trusted app.

Doesn’t work

I have macOS 10.12.6 and macOS 10.13.3 on iMac and MacBook Pro. After installation of Boom when I control volume with Mac volume buttons I can see the Volume overlay that is supposed to change the volume. But it never works! It’s either loud or muted. Also I connected external volume knob and it’s the same with it. Boom shows Volume indicator that moves left or right but sound almost doesn’t change. I had the same problem many years ago with Boom 1 and I hoped that Boom 2 solved this problem but it didn’t. I don’t know why this software works for other reviewers. It never worked and doesn’t work on my computers. I don’t have FaceTime or AirPlay enabled. Not sure what is the purpose of this app. Equalizer? But you say it’s more in the description.

Worth the money

Great app, completely worth the $20 for me.

A No Brainer...

Really superb - shocking in fact - audio imaging. I was immediately able to hear instruments that had been inaudible in the mix. I am a music school graduate, using a mid-2015 MBP, listening to everything from jazz, classical, EDM, metalcore, but certainly not bro-country.

I had to write a review immediately!

I just installed and I had to write a review immediately! I’ve been so frustrated. I bought a $1,000 course and I haven’t been able to hear it accept on my headphones and it was so annoying b/c I didn’t have freedom of movement, plus it’s just annoying having to use headphones. This app has completely fixed everything. Now the volume is booming! Any louder and we’d blow the speakers up! Hahaha. Thank you for creating this app. It’s well worth the $15. Woohoo!!!! :D

I was skeptical but made a huge difference!

I bought a set of Sennheisers for work to replace my cheap headphones there. I use Sennheisers in my studio so I expected the sound to be the same…very full, very rich. They were a bit anemic plugged into my MBP. I went looking for EQ apps because to my ear, the EQ seemed worse than flat…it seemed to actually kill a lot of the frequencies. I tried the Boom demo after a bit of searching and was amazed. It made it worth the purchase price to me. Apple — you should be licensing this software into OSX!

Not much bang for the buck.

Using it on my mid-2014 mbp and early 2015 macbook, both High Sierra. I listen to a lot of Pandora and watch movies on Netflix, using either my headphones, bluethooth speaker or the integraged speakers. Only took 2 attempts for successful installation. There are 5 choices for the equallizer: ambience, fidelity, spatial, night mode and pitch. You tap/click on each of them to get that sound effect. Each sounds a little different from the other; more bass here, more of a background sound there. No adjusting within each one though, except pitch. So this app is easy to use. But it is quite pricey for what little it does. Apparently, you can drag songs and videos into a visually designated box in the open app (mp3, m4a, aiff, caf, wav, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp, 3g2, dv) to “boost” but I haven’t done that yet.

Does what it should and gets out of the way.

This app is great. It does what it sells itself as doing. Has a clean easy setup and once configured does what few apps do but most should. It doens’t have extranious pop ups, spam your email, or otherwise injects itself into your day. It simply does it’s job and allows you to get on with yours.

Love the app, but I have some suggestions.

I love this app and it is very good. It allows you to fine tune an equalizer for your mac’s sound output, for better sound performance. It also allows you to set sound effects such as change the pitch, increase fidelity, increase spatiality, and increase loudness of your mac’s speakers. You can also increase the loudness of your sound files (I dont use these. I mainly use the EQ and boost feature for my Mac output). In the begining, it walks you through the setup and defaults to a calibration that is loud and has better bass compared to the standard EQ on your mac. The Boom's preset EQ for your mac is ok but I have managed to do better by calibrating my mac’s speakers with a mic myself, which, I have found, yields better and flatter frequency response and bass down to about 120-ish Hz. However, note There is a risk to damaging your mac’s speakers if you output sounds that are too loud for them to reproduce (I’m not sure if Boom protects against that or not, however thankfully I have not blown my speakers). Some suggestions about the db limits: they only go to +-12db; Providing a greater range (like Apples AU EQ +-24db) would be better. Another gripe I have about it is that sometimes after I quit boom, the sound output does not switch back to the default sound output. Lastly, I think that when I have boom running and I am in a sound call, the left speaker is not disabled, so sound gets recorded through the mic which is not good for call quality (I believe this is one of the limitations mentioned by the developers above). Other than that, it is very good and recommended.

Love it

Absolute best! Macs are not the same without!

Great for Movies and Music

It works great for getting that extra missing sound from your media.

Very limited effect

This program is cumbersom to use and yield very limited boost of the volume before distotion sets in. I probably won’t use it any more. A waste of money.


I love this app. I have a hearing problem and this app make life on the net enjoyable and listening ti music is a joy again.

Can’t imagine enjoying my stereo w/o Boom

I use Boom mostly in my home office. I have my Mac digitally connected to my stereo. The thing most like about Boom is the ability to completely control all aspects of the sound, easily. I was convinced that it was causing a delay with video, but when I took away bluetooth/wireless connection and replaced with digital audio, the problem went away. I’m a believer in boom!

Great product!

Works well for all audio outputs: headphones or AirPods

Not working product, help refused

I installed Boom 2 a few weeks ago on a new iMac and it sounded great. Exaclty what the iMac needed. Except there was a delay between the video and the audio. The next morning Boom 2 was locked up. Since it does not show up on the “force quit” menu I could not reboot it or turn it off. Just the rainbow wheel when I tried to access Boom2 and since it controlled the audio … the audio was dead for all applications. To fix I had to reboot the computer. I contacted Boom 2 who had me remove Boom 2 and re-install. It helped a little, meaning the video/audio delay was less and the application lasted without locking up for a few days … then it locked up again. I contacted Boom2 again who a few days later wanted to do a skype call which I dont have an account that is acitve and didnt want to sign up for a microsoft account so I asked if they could call me. Since then they have stopped communicating with me. I did try to activate Boom2 again and it did not have the delay and worked for almost 4 days … then locked up again which required a computer reboot. I have since tried to email them many times with my currently open ticket with ZERO response asking for help or a refund. I even tried opeing a new ticket with my work email address just in case I was having email issues with my home email. ABSOLUTLY ZERO RESPONSE. What kind of customer service is that? I see that many of you are happy with the product and I wanted to be one of you … but it does not work and they refuse to help or refund. So I am forced to write a bad review which they could have avoided. A very disappointed customer.

This is an Audiophile's Dream Come True!

I absolutely love this applicaiton. I’ve been using it for years and quite fankly can’t imagine my mac without it. I’ve never had any bugs or glitches and the sound quality improvement over stock is just incredible. You won’t reget it, trust me. I was skepticle at first, but within the first miniute I was relieved, thrilled and blown away. I use an EQ on my iPhone as well and I desparately wanted one for my mac. I’m truly happy with this product. Thanks guys!

A Must Have Mac App.

I love everything about this app. It is so helpful for volume boosts and EQ’s depending on my mood or the mood of the music to which i’m listening. It’s crazy to think the sorts of enhancements Boom 2 offers are possible with Apple’s proprietary speakers. I love it, and don’t want to go back to listening to music on my Macbook Pro without it. Highly recommended.

Really Useful App

I listen to all kind of musics and movies a lot This is my Review It’s worth of spend 14.99 $ even more read description complete all it’s true

Freaking Essential

I can’t hear moderately quiet movies on my laptop without this app. A must-have.

Hands down…the best EQ app out there!

I added a nice pair of powered JBL monitors to my iMac and at first I was dissapointed in the sound, not from the speakers but from the iMac sound output. I’m an audiophile and I am skeptical of aftermarket sound enhancement apps. Well….I’m certainly glad I decided to go with BOOM 2! It made such a quality improvement that I think I’m listening to speakers that cost 5 times more than what I paid! This app is very customizable and easy to use. You won’t go wrong with this app!


Absolutely amazing utility. Set it and forget it convenience.

I Can’t Imagine Living Without This App!

It was always frustrating to hear some low level voices when I was listening to Podcasts on my Macbook Pro and walked away to do other things. And, as might be expected, music sounded tinny, but I didnt want to invest in computer speakers since my laptop is my 2nd floor computer and there isn’t a lot of room where I use it. This app has resolved both volume level for Podcasts and improved the quality of music when I want to listen to Apple Music while I work. I agree with the other reviewer who says it should be included or recommended with the purchase of every Mac. Most of us have quality speakers and/or headphones for serious music appreciation/listening. But the choice of putting on headphones or purchasing redundant and pricey speakers for multiple areas of our workspace or homes where use our laptops is neither possible nor practical. Boom 2 fills that vast void between low volume/ tinny sound; and Audiophile quality. Not only does the spoken word sound richer, clearer, with amplified volume, but Boom 2 also adds enough quality to music to make it enjoyable. Being able to adjust the EQ for each, makes a huge difference. Thank You!

Just installed from App Store, won’t open

Just bought $15 and installed from App Store, but it won’t open. Opening from app folder, right clicking icon, from Launcher, only opens its preferences window, no way to get to run, to equalizer. From developer web site, downloaded the trial version but the zip installer won’t open. Waste of time and the kids at Apple should be watching these amateur developers more closely. Sierra 10.12.6. I’ll bet all these good reviews are by the developer.


Muy buena la app, funcion increible y libera el sonido de una mejor forma, super recomendable

iOS High Serra

I mostly listen to radio while I’m working and Boom adds a nice touch of bass that makes listening better. Also works great for human voices, too. I like the option of turning it on or off. Voice sounds richer using Boom. I like this app.

Make the most of your speakers

I have Sony studio-monitor, overear headphones, a pair of expensive Oontz bluetooth portable speakers, and some old-school floor speakers hooked up to a 100 watt Onkyo stereo receiver. They all sounded great connected to my MacBook Pro. Now, with Boom 2 on my MacBook, though, they sound fantastic!

i love it

i use Spotify, and this works great with it

Horrible Interface

Installation damaged my MacBook hard drive, preventing the device from sending sound through desktop speakers. After 1 day trouble shooting by phone with Apple, it was determined the Boom 2 app caused the problem. Sound settings now allow only headphones. I’ve been waiting for technical support from Boom 2 to contact me for several days. Nothing. Don’t waste your money on this SCAM.

AVI File Support Fail

FYI, this app does not support avi files.

Great if you want better sound

If you are looking for better sound, this is the app to download. works very well.

Does it’s job in a good way

This application simply does it’s job and that’s a great thing. It does not have a huge amount of options but has has plenty of options for an EQ. Good for setting presets for: Your Regular MAC speakers All types of headphones External Speakers

Very good!

Makes such a nice difference with Boom 2 installed on your Mac Pro. I had a big smile as soon as I installed and activated Boom 2. Before installing Boom 2, the factory sound of the Mac Pro was unacceptable. But with Boom 2, it’s so much better. Easy to use and good looking modern interface with multiple sound styles. Kudos to the designers.

Also Great for pro use

I have been looking for a solution to solve the low output on my Mac LapTop's. AND I FOUND IT! I am a composer / producer and frequently work on a LapTop using headphones. I enthusiactily report that this app not only solves the volume issues but adds clarity to the output. This App definitely improves my workflow and the resulting audio is ready for mixing in my main system.

Amplify Your Sound w/o Condensing Your Wallet

Awesome app. For $15 I got the equivalent sound as something I’d pick up for $150 at Best Buy. So worth it.

Love it.

Been using for a few years, and it’s enabled me to have an equalizer and fix on all sorts of audio: particualry radio. A must have addition, now if there was something as versatile for iOS.

The Best

I Really Love It When I First Got My New Mac I Was A Little Skptical About The Audio Of The Sterio Sound But Thanks To You I Have Surround Sound Audio Witch Made My Experince With My New Mac Even Better!!

Doesn’t play nice with Bose QC35

Overall I used to love Boom, but then I bought a pair of QC35 headphones, and the sound becomes horribly distorted every time I run Boom while using them.

What I’ve been missing is now found

Using Apple for my sound - MacBook, iPad, iPhone and streaming is convienent but is far lacking in good sound. Boom has restored much of the fidelity I have missed from my days of large, multi-component stereo systems I no longer have. Excellent choice for getting the most you can from these computer based music players. Best Buy!!

Boom Audio

I am ecstatic about the difference in volume and clarity after installing Boom. It’s amazing with the same speakers, what this app does to the sound. Awesome Job guys. Keep up the great work.


A previous reviewer perfectly describes, "Don’t sleep on this app—it’s worth every penny." Download Boom2 now. Yes, now. Click the button.

Afina Y Mejora La Calidad De Sonido

Con este potente ecualizador puedo mejorar y afinar la calidad de sonido de mi MacBook Pro a mi gusto personal e inclusive aumenta el volumen sin perder la calidad tanto con audifonos o con los parlantes nativos del MacBook

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