Boom2:Volume Boost & Equalizer Відгуки

App or my mac?

I havent seen anyone else complaining about recent audio problems but I figured i’d see if theres a problem with the app before I come to terms with the fact it may just be my speakers being shot. Anyways, within the last idk week or two, audio to everything has become lowered and the quality has dropped/become somewhat distorted. Dont know if its the app or my speakers finally giving out, been using this app for like 6 years now, sure ive had my share of problems with the app in the beginning, but for the last 2-3 years, maybe more. Its worked perfectly. So this is a new development thats quite a downer because when audio isnt working right………it makes me not even wanna listen to anything with my laptop.

Boom2 used to be great.. but recently

This app is great, or at least it used to be. Boom2 causes none of my sound to work. If I try to use Facetime or listen to a podcast, I have to go every single time into my sound settings to choose the output. This issue needs to be remedied. It is a PITA and up until the past month or so, was always a great app.

I Don’t Ever Review Apps, But When I Do They’ve Changed My Life

OK so’s here’s a funny story. I came to review this app because I found something else to love (today on September 10th, 2018), only to find that I already did so originally here on … May 13th, 2018: If you truly love music, if you yearn for buttery smooth lows, crispity snip-snappy slip-slappy-a-you-in-the-facety highs and a million mid ranges you didn’t know existed … you need Boom. I’ve been using Boom for a while now. I had a custom profile created for my Presonus Firestudio and now I’ve just finished polishing up a new custom profile for that Presonus’ replacement, the Apogee Element 46 and ooohh let me tell you … I already had the best sounding setup in town, and it ACTUALLY just got better <3 The only way I can imagine a life without Boom is if macOS starts including the option to customize your output EQ from the ‘Sound' System Preferences panel. … so yeah. That. Two times. Plus I found a new thing: After about 10 months of use, the experience I listed above is literally up to this moment— only 30 seconds ago I've just finally discovered: "Night Mode" Dear Boom2 Developers, T👏🏼H👏🏼A👏🏼N👏🏼K👏🏼Y👏🏼O👏🏼U👏🏼 Yeah .. I'm typing this from my Macbook but used my universal keyboard to snag that clapping hands emoji rom my iPhone so you could know just how seriously my "Thank you." should be received. Sincerely, The dad with a sleeping child in the next room who was using way too many custom EQ's to solve this but now I can cut them nearly in half using this one-click/slider solution on ANY of my custom device EQ's for the exact same results <3 <3 <3

And I thought it would be easy...

Realizing the plethora of positive review may indicate it is I who am the idiot here, I feel I am fairly tech savvy. So tech savvy, in fact, that I am working against a deadline on digitally editing a video on my Mac and don’t have time to deal with this “failed to install” junk. So I search help desk issues with Boom and uncover a treasure trove of, “oh, couldn’t install? here, do this: check in your System Preference->User & Groups->Login Items and remove Boom.. Open "Activity Monitor" search for Boom, quit/force quit Boom...Open Terminal (search in spotlight)… Enter the command sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/BoomDevice.kext/ Hit enter…open spotligh zoom launchpad Enter the system password when prompted (password will not be shown) hit enter again... Ensure that BoomDevice has been removed from System Sound Preference, If not run the command again… Go to application folder, delete Boom (make sure to delete all Voila application form your system)…. Uhm, no, I needed something quick and easy that would just install on my mac like most things. This is a headache. Can I please have my money back!

Sudden Product Failure

Writing this review here since the only place any complaints seem to get a response is here. Anyhow, running on latest OS and experiencing issues where all sound will be lost if the app is opened. Have tried uninstalling, hard restarting system, etc etc. No solution. Have used Boom2 for years and used Boom itself before that. Disappointing, but I’m sure it can be resolved.

i want my money back

i bought this app in the hopes that i wouldn’t get ripped off… guess what? the instant it started downloading it tells me to contact the app people… excuse me, i don’t feel that before i even get to turn the app on, i should have to contact the company to go through a lot of crap before it even works!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK. where its getting these 4 and a half star ratings is beyond my understanding.

This app fixed my Mac Air volume problem

I purchased this app to fix my Mac Air having low volume issues. When I was watching YOUTUBE music videos, the sound was so low I could hardly hear it. I downloaded Boom and the problem was solved. Boom has its own slider for the volume and this fixed my problem.

Boom2 is tha shizzy

Awesome App for an instant boost in Volume level…Or, get in there and tweak it a little (Or a lot!!)

This app is garbage

I simply wanted to make the audio louder on my laptop for movies. Not only does this app not actually raise the volume, it introduces an unacceptable amount of latency. For my purposes, this app is unusable at any price, but for $15+ I feel like this is a scam. Maybe it’s fine for music, but if you’re just trying to make you laptop louder for streaming content, don’t waste you money. Very unhappy with this purchase.

Great app. Really helpful

I like that this app lets me eq basically everything coming out of my Mac Pro. The eq is easy to use and I love the volume booster too. great buy. best eq I have come across for mac so far.


IT WOULD BE THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE SAME RESULT FASTER!!! The sound is so awful it felt like I was the victim of a practical joke. I have to assume all of the 5 star reviews are from company employees. Complete garbage - I will get my money back

Why does this require another download and Security approval?

The app is new to me and may merit more than three stars. Maybe fewer. I base this rating on questions about why all the code isn’t included in the download. Am I just naive to wonder if the developer has something they don’t want Apple to check out in the additional download? In the Security and Privacy section of OS X System Preferences, why isn’t this developer recognized as an ‘identified developer’ when it’s time to install the additional download? Why the nagging about wanting to push notifications at me? And yes, I bought it, but the price seems high. I really just wanted more voluime out of my MacBook Air, and that does seem to be happening, so .. yay?

Doesn’t work on desktop Mac OS X, uninstaller doesn’t work

Doesn’t work on desktop Mac OS X, and uninstaller doesn’t work. I only wanted to reduce the minimum system volume on all music. If this would work it apparently does only one song at a time. No luck here.

Boom2 is better the 3D

Recently i upgraded to 3D from Boom2 directly from their website and email link. Firstly they charged me more than they were marketing and when i asked for reimbursement i got no response. But even then, I upgraded since i was very impressed with Boom2.Not good.. somehow i feel Boom2 is better than 3D and the software has bugs!!! I use MAC, and even after deleting Boom2 and upgrading to Boom 3D system is still searching for Boom2 and doesn’t recognize 3D and need to reboot 2 to 3 times. And even then, i still need to select Boom2 from the volume drop down ??? I shouldnt have paid 9$ for the upgrade. Keep Boom2.

Sound is good; bug not fixed

If you have high frequency hearing loss, this app is a real quality of life improvement. The Mac's approach to sound is to muffle high frequencies and enhance below 500 hz those needed for gaming. Even their so-called "music" settings tend to suppress what you actually want to hear in the important 1500-4000 hz area. If you can't understand the speech in movies and so on, you need to up the 1500-2500 area and this app makes it possible. Boom2 lacks any meaningful technical documentation so you don't know what you're doing with anything but the equalizer bands. It does however get you a long way towards audibility which is totally worth it. There's a long-standing bug using it with my Macbook Pro running Sierra. When I connect a Thunderbolt device like a hard drive, the sound stops. I have to go to System Preferences / Sound and select Internal Speakers. Then the sound comes back on. I reported this last year sometime but it remains in this version 1.6.3.

It’s amazing

One of the most amazing app I’ve ever met, the personal EQ setting makes music, movies... more exciting and energizing. Thanks for the developer.


Tried several of the others and then came across BOOM 2—no comparison!!1 BOOM 2 blows all the competition away!!!!!

Makes your laptop LOUD



Dynamite! What an app, totally transformed the sound from my speakers. Worth every dime I paid for it.


In a recent review I stated that the app store doesn’t have Boom 3D. I was wrong. When you click on the Boom icon you can see Boom 3D a little bit down the page and on the right. Sorry about the incorrect statement.

Love it!

This has helped the audio on my MacBook Air tremendously. Not only does it make sound louder and richer, but I can adjust it for different audio types or to bring out certain voices. It’s really useful for the transcription work I do (a game-changer, really). Love it!

Absolute Must Have

If you’re a fan of music, or sound in general, this program is an absolute must to have. It’s a pain to have to tweak your sound in every app individually, and many apps don’t give you this option, like internet browsers when you want to watch Youtube… Enter Boom 2. Problem Solved. One sound module spread across your entire system, and the ability to set multiple custom presets. I love this app. And also, the interface of Boom 2 is like 1000x cooler than Boom 1. Very, very sleek design. I dig it. You guys rock. Thanks!

worked great until latest OS upgrade

now, nothing. please fix it!

Great sound, terrible latency..

I’ve had this app installed now for a few months and I will say that the sound difference is pretty incredible. The highs/mids/lows and overall EQ of this app really does take the stock sound from any device and pull it into something to marvel at. That said, here is my HUGE issue with this app. I installed this app on both my 27 inch iMac and my 15 inch MacBook Pro (late 2016). I use the Bose QC35 and Beats Powerbeats 3 for my listening to music and watching movies. The latency (sound delay) experienced is pretty annoying when used in Bluetooth mode. I stream Netflix, Hulu and YouTube TV and because of how bad the sound is out of sync with the video, its pretty much unwatchable. I’ve emailed their tech support and got a procedure that didn’t fix the issue. I emailed them back and gotten no response for over a month. Due to how really good the sound is, I can’t give them lower than a 3 star to be fair. But the latency experienced with using Bluetooth headphones really is a massive disappointment. I have tested the latency issue with not using Boom2 and there was no latency. Only when using Boom2 does the latency present itself. If the developers would come up with a solid fix for this, I’d be happy to change my rating to a 4 or 5 star depending on how the fix works. But for now, a 3 star is about as high as I can go to be fair.

Californication !!!

Fantastic MacOS enhancement. Nuff said.

Wow what a difference THANK YOU

I noticed a immediate difference and the sound pumps through my old sony home system. Thank You

Not what I expected

I was under the impression this would boost all sounds….turns out you have to move music to the app….ridiculous…can i get my $$ back????


If I could give it a zero. Unfortunately, there is no trial option from the store. Bought it, after 10 minutes deleted it. The Spacial feature is not reverb. Looking for a reverb effect. Also looking for delay effects. They do not exist here. The new iMac has awesome sound. Found the equalizer to make default output worse. Wasted $14.99 and you cannot remove it from the store. Better to output thru headphone jack to high output effects amp.

BOOM to the Rescue

My (old) MacPro had a set of (even older) speakers that generally produced (surprising) quality and depth. But the woofer was starting to buzz regularly. So, I switched them out for some 200W Logitech speakers. I was expecting a lot from them, but they sounded a bit flat. Certainly should have been better than my previous speakers, but it just wasn’t enough somehow (were the reviews lying?!). I experimented with various devices, replaced cables, tried a DAC, etc. No big change. I was considering returning the speakers. Finally I found Boom2 and it makes a PROFOUND difference. Completely unleashes what I was expecting from my speakers. Totally worth it. But now I’m wondering if there's some kind of Logitech-Boom2 conspiriacy to make me purchase them both!

The best there is

I spend a great deal of time working with my headphones on, and it always bugged me that many of my favorite albums sounded far worse from my Macbook than they did from other devices, even with a solid pair of headphones. Yes - digital audio is highly compressed, much more so for streaming audio. But still - everything was far too flat and lacked depth. Boom completely changed that. I’m generally skeptical of EQ programs, but this is an absolute must-have if you want quality audio. The upgrade to Boom 2 was also very much worth it - again, I didn’t anticipate that much of an improvement over the initial app, but the wider array of presets + the greater manual customization are excellent. I can’t imagine having to go back to listening to my music on my Macbook without Boom.

Well worth it!

This app makes listening to music much better. Plus lots of presets to choose from for whatever your taste is. Highly recommend!

Audiophiles Rejoice

My first review for any OSX app. Boom is a MUST-have if you are listening to music on your computer. Nothing else comes close.

Necessary for lots of YouTube videos

Boom 2 is an awesome app for your macbook because it makes your computer's sound louder. The sound limit macbooks have is too low for lots of Youtube videos and Netflix shows and oftentimes I had trouble hearing them. Boom 2 increases that limit so you can more comfortably watch media on your computer. Highly recommend!

Disapointment, lack funtionality

Really? this is the best audio app for MAC I am looking for something like WinAmp, And missed it a lot, where I have equalizer that I can control by my self like I want, Play music that doesn’t stop when change to another option window, With a lot of functionalities like cross fading between songs, graphic sectrum analyser, any kind of music file and video… It was free For Apple Store.. you have to implement an option to try the full version of any app for a limited time because there is a lot of trash apps Plain as this…. I use one time and…. I WANT MY MONEY BACK It has an unistaller but it isn’t in apple store and it is not Apple trusted app.

Doesn’t work

I have macOS 10.12.6 and macOS 10.13.3 on iMac and MacBook Pro. After installation of Boom when I control volume with Mac volume buttons I can see the Volume overlay that is supposed to change the volume. But it never works! It’s either loud or muted. Also I connected external volume knob and it’s the same with it. Boom shows Volume indicator that moves left or right but sound almost doesn’t change. I had the same problem many years ago with Boom 1 and I hoped that Boom 2 solved this problem but it didn’t. I don’t know why this software works for other reviewers. It never worked and doesn’t work on my computers. I don’t have FaceTime or AirPlay enabled. Not sure what is the purpose of this app. Equalizer? But you say it’s more in the description.

Worth the money

Great app, completely worth the $20 for me.

A No Brainer...

Really superb - shocking in fact - audio imaging. I was immediately able to hear instruments that had been inaudible in the mix. I am a music school graduate, using a mid-2015 MBP, listening to everything from jazz, classical, EDM, metalcore, but certainly not bro-country.

I had to write a review immediately!

I just installed and I had to write a review immediately! I’ve been so frustrated. I bought a $1,000 course and I haven’t been able to hear it accept on my headphones and it was so annoying b/c I didn’t have freedom of movement, plus it’s just annoying having to use headphones. This app has completely fixed everything. Now the volume is booming! Any louder and we’d blow the speakers up! Hahaha. Thank you for creating this app. It’s well worth the $15. Woohoo!!!! :D

I was skeptical but made a huge difference!

I bought a set of Sennheisers for work to replace my cheap headphones there. I use Sennheisers in my studio so I expected the sound to be the same…very full, very rich. They were a bit anemic plugged into my MBP. I went looking for EQ apps because to my ear, the EQ seemed worse than flat…it seemed to actually kill a lot of the frequencies. I tried the Boom demo after a bit of searching and was amazed. It made it worth the purchase price to me. Apple — you should be licensing this software into OSX!

Not much bang for the buck.

Using it on my mid-2014 mbp and early 2015 macbook, both High Sierra. I listen to a lot of Pandora and watch movies on Netflix, using either my headphones, bluethooth speaker or the integraged speakers. Only took 2 attempts for successful installation. There are 5 choices for the equallizer: ambience, fidelity, spatial, night mode and pitch. You tap/click on each of them to get that sound effect. Each sounds a little different from the other; more bass here, more of a background sound there. No adjusting within each one though, except pitch. So this app is easy to use. But it is quite pricey for what little it does. Apparently, you can drag songs and videos into a visually designated box in the open app (mp3, m4a, aiff, caf, wav, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp, 3g2, dv) to “boost” but I haven’t done that yet.

Does what it should and gets out of the way.

This app is great. It does what it sells itself as doing. Has a clean easy setup and once configured does what few apps do but most should. It doens’t have extranious pop ups, spam your email, or otherwise injects itself into your day. It simply does it’s job and allows you to get on with yours.

Love the app, but I have some suggestions.

I love this app and it is very good. It allows you to fine tune an equalizer for your mac’s sound output, for better sound performance. It also allows you to set sound effects such as change the pitch, increase fidelity, increase spatiality, and increase loudness of your mac’s speakers. You can also increase the loudness of your sound files (I dont use these. I mainly use the EQ and boost feature for my Mac output). In the begining, it walks you through the setup and defaults to a calibration that is loud and has better bass compared to the standard EQ on your mac. The Boom's preset EQ for your mac is ok but I have managed to do better by calibrating my mac’s speakers with a mic myself, which, I have found, yields better and flatter frequency response and bass down to about 120-ish Hz. However, note There is a risk to damaging your mac’s speakers if you output sounds that are too loud for them to reproduce (I’m not sure if Boom protects against that or not, however thankfully I have not blown my speakers). Some suggestions about the db limits: they only go to +-12db; Providing a greater range (like Apples AU EQ +-24db) would be better. Another gripe I have about it is that sometimes after I quit boom, the sound output does not switch back to the default sound output. Lastly, I think that when I have boom running and I am in a sound call, the left speaker is not disabled, so sound gets recorded through the mic which is not good for call quality (I believe this is one of the limitations mentioned by the developers above). Other than that, it is very good and recommended.

Love it

Absolute best! Macs are not the same without!

Great for Movies and Music

It works great for getting that extra missing sound from your media.

Very limited effect

This program is cumbersom to use and yield very limited boost of the volume before distotion sets in. I probably won’t use it any more. A waste of money.


I love this app. I have a hearing problem and this app make life on the net enjoyable and listening ti music is a joy again.

Can’t imagine enjoying my stereo w/o Boom

I use Boom mostly in my home office. I have my Mac digitally connected to my stereo. The thing most like about Boom is the ability to completely control all aspects of the sound, easily. I was convinced that it was causing a delay with video, but when I took away bluetooth/wireless connection and replaced with digital audio, the problem went away. I’m a believer in boom!

Great product!

Works well for all audio outputs: headphones or AirPods

Not working product, help refused

I installed Boom 2 a few weeks ago on a new iMac and it sounded great. Exaclty what the iMac needed. Except there was a delay between the video and the audio. The next morning Boom 2 was locked up. Since it does not show up on the “force quit” menu I could not reboot it or turn it off. Just the rainbow wheel when I tried to access Boom2 and since it controlled the audio … the audio was dead for all applications. To fix I had to reboot the computer. I contacted Boom 2 who had me remove Boom 2 and re-install. It helped a little, meaning the video/audio delay was less and the application lasted without locking up for a few days … then it locked up again. I contacted Boom2 again who a few days later wanted to do a skype call which I dont have an account that is acitve and didnt want to sign up for a microsoft account so I asked if they could call me. Since then they have stopped communicating with me. I did try to activate Boom2 again and it did not have the delay and worked for almost 4 days … then locked up again which required a computer reboot. I have since tried to email them many times with my currently open ticket with ZERO response asking for help or a refund. I even tried opeing a new ticket with my work email address just in case I was having email issues with my home email. ABSOLUTLY ZERO RESPONSE. What kind of customer service is that? I see that many of you are happy with the product and I wanted to be one of you … but it does not work and they refuse to help or refund. So I am forced to write a bad review which they could have avoided. A very disappointed customer.

This is an Audiophile's Dream Come True!

I absolutely love this applicaiton. I’ve been using it for years and quite fankly can’t imagine my mac without it. I’ve never had any bugs or glitches and the sound quality improvement over stock is just incredible. You won’t reget it, trust me. I was skepticle at first, but within the first miniute I was relieved, thrilled and blown away. I use an EQ on my iPhone as well and I desparately wanted one for my mac. I’m truly happy with this product. Thanks guys!

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